Verein GEMMA (Austria)

GEMMA is a non-profit organization for suppor­ting the youth and youth culture and has a focus on EU-programs like “youth in action”. The or­ganization was founded by Marc Germeshausen und Stefan Mak in June 2008. It is also the gover­ning body of a network against violence and abu­se. A lot of facilities and institutes of the province of Carinthia are part of this network. In general GEMMA realizes a lot of social and cultural pro­jects and events within the region.

The heart of GEMMA beats for youth projects and GEMMA can look back on a big list of successful­ly realized projects after all the years. There are fixed annual events like the “Community Kunst”, concerts, running and beach volleyball events etc. GEMMA also has long-term projects lasting over a year like projects intended to strengthen young people in their life and their cultural envi­ronment. Overall the organization gives young people a chance and provides a platform for actively implementing their ideas.

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