Multilateral meeting of the network: last meeting and reports in Villach, A

Multilateral meeting of the network - last meeting and reports in Villach, A

GEMMA hosted the 5th and last meeting of the project CitiPart, from 13th to 15th September 2017. Around 50 participants from Austria, Germany, Poland, Croatia and France met in Villach/Austria to discuss the final steps of the project and the added value of the activities connected to solidarity, tolerance and peace.

The first day started with the presentation of the activities from April to September. Some partners were meeting with local partners to discuss the results of the three multilateral meetings to the basis values. The tenor of the presentations was that it is important to implement these values into organizations everyday life. The network discussed about the various tools which were used during national or international meetings within the CitiPart project. The final step for the peace newspaper was discussed and the task to the team members distributed. The second half of the afternoon was for preparing the workshops with the students for the next day.

The second day started with the final preparation for the workshops with the students, organized in World Cafés. After three rounds to each 20 min in the workshops, three speakers presented the results to the plenum. The highlight in the morning was a plenary discussion with Adriana Kremenjas-Dancic (Europe House Dubrovnik, Croatia), Michael Stange (Maison de l’Europe de Nimes, France), Kilian Kindelberger (Berlin Brandenburgische Auslandsgesellschaft, Germany) and Iga Kamocka (Polish Robert Schuhmann Foundation, Poland). Through the topics guided Marc Germeshausen (Verein GEMMA, Austria). There were two theme blocks and questions about the work of the last two years including the three values of solidarity, tolerance and peace and if these values are still common values of the European Union. The second part concentrated on concrete measures and activities the network and the organizations could use to raise awareness of the core values of Europe. After answering the question the students asked various questions regarding the project and the situations during the activities.

The last day focused on the final report, dissemination and follow up activities. All the partners will distribute the results to their target and working groups as well as on their own websites. The peace booklet can be presented with a common results paper to the majors of the towns. All partners agree that there is still a need to work with the core values for Europe. Ideas for future cooperation with the network and new partners were born.

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