Multilateral meeting about Tolerance in Potsdam, DE

Multilateral meeting about Tolerance in Potsdam, DE


General description

From the 28th to the 30th of November 2016, in the frame of the European project „CitiPart“,  the third multinational meeting took place in Potsdam (Germany).

Over fifty people from France, Poland, Croatia, Austria and Germany participated in this meeting to talk about the topic of „tolerance“.

On the first day, after a welcome of the participants and a short introduction, Michael Meixner from the Weltethos e.V. Foundation guided the group through the exhibition „World religions-World peace – World ethos“.

In the evening, Christoph Miethke, the CEO of the Neue Potsdamer Toleranzedikt e.V. and entrepreneur, and Janek Buchheim from the „Service center for a tolerant and safe Potsdam“ told the participants more about the activities and initiatives linked to the topic of tolerance in Potsdam. The discussion with both of them was very interesting for the European partners because most of them don’t have similar organisations in their respective countries.

The second day started with a guided bus-tour to locations in Potsdam which have a link to an aspect of tolerance like, for instance, the French Church, the Dutch Quarter, the Glienicker Bridge, the Castle Sanssouci and other locations where tolerance played an important role in history. Therefore, the group visited sculptures in the Parc of Sanssouci who represent black people from the time when Brandenburg was actively involved in slave trade in the 17th Century.

The guided tour ended in the so-called „Staudenhof“ which is located in the heart of the city and which acts with the aim to enable refugees and “Potsdamer” (local community) to live together. The Staudenhof project was opened in 2014 with 30 apartments out of 184 apartments in the building situated in Alter Markt. The apartments are furnished and provided with a private bath and kitchen to assure the privacy of each refugee and to explore the  experience of normal living conditions in Germany. Each apartment is to receive the  refugees according the set of criteria agreed on with the state.

In addition, a shared space known as „Staudenhof café“ was opened in which intercultural activities are taking regularly place.

After the presentation of the „Staudenhof“, it was the turn of the project partners to talk about their local activities about tolerance they organised the last months in their respective countries.

In the afternoon, a public event with the title „Tolerance is…“ took place on the „theatreship Potsdam“. The participants as well as a group of young refugees from Syria enjoyed the spectacle which was divided into three parts: during the first and third part, the project partners showed the short movies about tolerance they realised in their countries with the help of local citizens. In the second part, a local theatregroup of Potsdam „Theater Poetenpack e.V.“ played some scenes from the famous masterpiece „Nathan the Wise“. Afterwards, the audience had the possibility to learn more about the making-of of the short movies and to exchange with the other spectators.

The third day was dedicated to an evaluation of the past two days and to talk about the following meeting about the topic of peace which will take place in the end of February 2017 in Scy-Chazelles/Metz in France.


  • Short movies about „tolerance“
  • Presentations of each project partner about local activities dealing with the topic of tolerance
  • Until February 2017: each project partner will create one page about the topic of peace for a commun newspaper which will be also translated into English.

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