Maison de l’Europe des Yvelines (France)


The Maison de l’Europe des Yvelines (MdEY) was created in 2001 as a non-profit organization in order to raise people’s interest in European citizenship. Through the European Youth in Action Program the MdEY has been able to build a wide European network through the last ten years.  MdEY’s main activity on a local basis is to raise awareness on European subjects,  to promote European citizenship, to foster European integration and to promote European values. On these subjects the MdEY is working with schools, youth centers, youth councils and institutions for youngsters with fewer opportunities. Since 2009, the MdEY also hosts an Europe Direct Information Center  to deliver documentation from the European Commission. The MdEY also is either initiator or partner of European projects through programs such as the Youth in Action, Leonardo, Grundtvig and citizenship program. The MdEY is affiliated to the national network of French Europe Houses (FFME) and the European network EUNET.

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